Llama On The Shelf- Part Two

Continued from Part One

On the fourteenth night of Christmas, Kronk was feeling a little forlorn that his friends up north we’re getting snow days, and he is stuck down south at a warm breezy beach! So he made a little snow to make it look more wintery and is declaring it a SNOW DAAAYYY!! (Shhhh… Don’t tell him it’s Saturday, and there’s no school anyway)


… and the children danced under the snow.

On the fifteenth night of Christmas, Kronk noticed this wall of pictures was lacking in Christmas spirit. So he rectified that situation immediately. Santa hats for all!!! Merry Christmas from Kronk.


… and the children laughed.

On the sixteenth night of Christmas, Kronk was so jealous of the family gingerbread houses that he wanted to build one too!! It’s sort of a collapsing disaster (what with llamas having no opposable thumbs or construction skillz), but he’s pretty proud of it…


… and the children laughed and gobbled it all up!

On the seventeenth night of Christmas, Kronk gathered his Christmas friends to cheer on the children through this last week of school before winter break! They are quizzing the girls on Math, English, Social Studies, and Science! Only a few more days of school. Then the girls can stay home and play with us all day!!


… and the children raced home from school to answer the quiz questions.

On the eighteenth night of Christmas, Kronk waited by the childrens’ door for them to wake up and find a funny surprise! He was so excited when the children prayed at bedtime and thanked God for sending them a funny llama that he decided to show his affection in return… In his own mischievous llama way.


… and the parents laughed.

On the nineteenth night of Christmas, Kronk got himself into a quite a predicament! The Legos heard the children lamenting that Kronk keeps making such a mess for Mommy to clean up every single day. So they captured him in an attempt to foil his messy plots of mayhem. Kronk is stuck! A little help please?!…


… and the children giggled.

On the twentieth night of Christmas, Kronk paused his mischievous acts of bumbling mayhem to wish the birthday girl a happy 10th birthday!!! He is quite proud of his gift of Ninja Turtle Legos even though he’s terrible at wrapping gifts! But don’t mock his wrapping job… You’ll hurt his sensitive llama feelings.


… and the birthday girl jumped for joy and gave Kronk a kiss.

On the twenty-first night of Christmas, that crazy llama hid in the fridge with all his tasty friends! They are all stoked to have a llama chillin’ with them at the fridge party tonight!! “PAR-TAAY IN THE PRODUCE SECTION!!” Will the kids find him? Shhhh…. :-)


… and the whole family laughed.

On the twenty-second night of Christmas, Kronk knew that Santa would have to load up and head out soon! So Kronk roped him into just a few more reindeer games before it’s time to go! First reindeer game… Sack races! As you can see, monkey and Santa are neck and neck… Will those extra Christmas cookies weigh Santa down and cost him the race?! Our little llama friend face-planted right before the finish line in a “Chariots Of Fire” heartbreak… And Jasmine can’t even get started, because she can’t get into the darn sack! (Princesses can be so helpless sometimes, I swear). Fun times under the Christmas tree!!!


… and the children climbed into grocery bags and joined the fun.

On the twenty-third night of Christmas, Llama on the shelf invited the 3 wise men out on a fishing trip at the local pond. Just the boys… Hangin’ out… Baiting fish with Frankincense and Myrrh… Singing a little Brad Paisley tune-age, “Gonna catch all the fish!” The wise men have been following the star through the desert so long, they had a hankering for some seafood…


… and the children walked into the bathroom and shrieked in surprise.

On the twenty-fourth night of Christmas, Kronk became obsessed with the childrens’ new giant nutcracker (whose name is The Cracken). “I must paint you, Mr. The Cracken!! Your Yuletide beauty is incomparable.” It is his new muse… As you can see, The Cracken is aghast at Kronk’s artwork! (Kronk also left 2 canvases out for the girls to paint their own Christmas pictures in the morning, as he is an encourager of the arts.)


… and the children jumped out of bed to paint with their favorite llama.

On the twenty-fifth night of Christmas, Kronk was reading about the Grinch and his attempt to steal Christmas. Kronk thought this was the most hilarious thing he ever heard, so after the children fell asleep, he scampered with his little yarn hooves into the living room and stole ALL the presents from under the tree!!!! Now he lies in wait up in the ceiling with all the gifts for the children, mom and dad, grandma’s and grandpa’s and aunts and uncles! Every. Last. One. He is stifling little llama giggles wondering if the children will EVER find him in such a great hiding spot!


… and the whole family laughed with surprise and Christmas joy.

As the family opened their gifts and laughed and hugged and forgot their sadness for awhile, Kronk smiled a wide yarn smile and sat on the couch enjoying the warmth and happiness. When all the family was tucked into bed, he stood amidst all the torn wrapping paper, bows, open boxes, and new toys and felt very happy. But he felt the most happy when the mother tip-toed out of bed and peeked around the corner to say, “Thank you, Llama on the shelf. Merry Christmas.” :-)



  1. sweb says

    This is so awesome! I am going to do this next year. Thank you for sharing. I have been reading your blog for some time. I’m sorry life if so difficult at the moment, yet I am humbled by you continuously purposing to find God and joy in the midst. Thank you for sharing.


    • katie says

      It was a LOT of work, and we never got to bed before midnight for the whole month (I was so happy to fall asleep at 8:30 on Christmas night. LOL!). But it was soooo worth it, and we all loved it so much. I hope you’ll do it next year and create some hilarious memories :-)

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