Llama On The Shelf- Part One

Once upon a time, there was a llama named Kronk who loved Christmas and looked forward to it each year. He would sit on a shelf and watch all the wrapping, decorating, frenzy, joy, warmth, and merriment. He loved to hear the laughter and watch the happiness. Year after year he would smile and wish he could participate. Then one year, he noticed something was different. The family was sad. There were tears where smiles used to be. The decorating wasn’t getting done. The children were quiet, and the parents would lie in bed at night staring sadly at the ceiling. There were no Christmas cookies or merriment. It was a season of great loss for the family. Kronk could stand it no longer. “It’s CHRISTMAS!!” He said. “I must do something! But what? What can a simple llama of wires, yarn, and fluff even do?!” He waited until all the family was asleep in their beds and then scurried outside and looked up at the stars. A hushed voice in the clear winter night air whispered to him, “I have given you the gift of humor. You are just the right one for the job. Get down off your shelf and share your gift of laughter and joy.” So that’s just what Kronk did… every night after all the family had gone to sleep…

The first night of Christmas, Kronk was caught in the act toilet papering the tree!


… and the family smiled in humorous surprise.

On the second night of Christmas, Kronk felt so bad about toilet papering the Christmas tree that he took it upon himself to decorate the kitchen with all the extra strands of lights he found!! It did not end well….. (Send help… and cookies!)


… and the children laughed.

On the third night of Christmas, Kronk got totally bored waiting impatiently for Christmas Day. So he invited the locals to a fun game of Twister!!! It got a little confusing when the Minions started calling out the colors… Minions: “BEEDOOO BEEDOOO BEEDOOO!!” Kronk: “Not sure if that meant right foot blue, or left hand yellow! Can you guys please enunciate?!”


… and the mother giggled.

On the fourth night of Christmas, Kronk had a Christmas movie marathon! His popcorn eating would be a little less of a disaster if only he had opposable thumbs!


… and the family laughed.

On the fifth night of Christmas, Kronk got a hankering for Christmas cookies!!! After taste testing the splendor that is Christmas sprinkles, he got a little carried away. Sprinkle Apocalypse 2013!! (Please don’t ask why he felt like he needed a cheese grater to make sugar cookies. I’m at a loss…)


… and the children squealed in delight.

On the sixth night of Christmas, he wanted to leave a cheery note for the girls before they went to school in the morning. But he didn’t quite grasp the concept of the post-it note and wasn’t sure how many notes is customary to leave. Before he knew it, his ADD hyper focus kicked in, and he sticky-ed the whole front door just to say hi!


… and the children shrieked and talked all day about what a crazy llama was in their house.

On the seventh night of Christmas, Kronk got into ALL kinds of mischief! Such a bad Kronk! It was his revenge on Kylie for punching his butt that afternoon while he hung helplessly in the tangled up yarn he got stuck in while working on his post-it note project! Don’t ever cross a llama… They engage in payback :-)


… and the family rolled with laughter.

On the eighth night of Christmas, a “snowball” fight broke out in the kitchen!! Kronk complained that the Ninja turtles had an unfair advantage, considering his wall isn’t tall enough for adequate protection. Darn this impossibly long neck!


… and the father smiled.

On the ninth night of Christmas, Kronk realized he had no money for gifts. Solution? Poker with the boys! “Come on aces! Llama needs a new pair of shoes!” Kronk’s tiny llama friend made a killing, while Barbie consoled Prince Charming for having to fold after literally losing his shirt. Santa’s got a GREAT poker face… He’s just always jolly no matter what. Someone bet the family’s minivan keys… Say whaaaaaaaaa?!


… and the family laughed.

On the tenth night of Christmas, Kronk was not able to do something fun. He had planned a super mischievous evening until he came down with the llama flu! But don’t worry… We hear llama flu is usually cleared up in 24 hours. He should be back to his llama drama very soon!


… and the children rushed home from school to see if their llama was feeling better.

On the eleventh night of Christmas, Kronk was getting MUCH better. So much better, in fact, that he was feeling chipper and creative in the kitchen! He decorated the cabinets and fridge for Christmas. And in the morning, he’s makin’ WAFFLES!!


… and the family was so happy, they left his fun decorations up in the kitchen.

On the twelfth night of Christmas, Kronk was really getting into the Christmas spirit! He overheard the children whining about how they just couldn’t wait any longer to open their presents. So he decided to wrap all their shoes and school backpacks to give them something to open!! Good luck figuring out which of the wrapped shoes are matching! :-)


… and the mother and father laughed while the children unwrapped.

On the thirteenth night of Christmas, all three llamas were coloring pictures for Santa! As is usually the case with 3 rowdy boy llamas, things get a little carried away… Kronk says, “Hey guys, check me! I’M SANTA!!!! Ho, ho, ho…”


… and the children forgot all about sadness for awhile and joined in the coloring.

Kronk did not think a simple llama could change anything. But he looked around at the smiling faces and felt happy. He clapped his hooves and scampered off to prepare more Christmas fun!

Continued in part 2….


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