Awhile back I was told to choose one word that would be my goal… a word that I would keep striving for. It was a challenge something akin to making a New Year’s resolution but more general and easier to pursue without the proverbial toppling off the wagon that usually goes along with resolutions. Just […]

The Hilarious Marriage Proposal


Every Valentines Day the masses get all sappy and romantic and wax all poetical and stuff. Normally I would jump on that bandwagon faster than Usain Bolt. I love romance and love and all things red and pink. But this year I will instead tell you the story of how Brett proposed to me almost […]

The Great Debate – A Lost Opportunity


Today’s post is by guest blogger Leo Cloutier in response to the debate held earlier this week between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. It is lengthy but thorough, fascinating, and worth the read… Okay, what just happened there? For those who were expecting to watch a clash of the apologetic titans on Tuesday night, I’m […]

The Meaning Of True Rest


I recently read a book by A.W. Tozer called The Pursuit Of God. Very few books have wrecked me so entirely as this one did. I highlighted the crap out of this book, and I read one particular chapter over six times just to let it sink in and begin changing me. I wish I […]

On This Side Of The Veil


It’s my birthday today. Another birthday that almost wasn’t. After a sudden death event a year and a half ago, each birthday, holiday, and special occasion is that much more meaningful and notable. Just a week ago on New Years, my husband and I stood on the balcony of our hotel room ringing in the […]

Push Back The Dark For Ryan and Jenni


These are my very good friends, Ryan and Jenni Williams with their two daughters, Katie and Sarah, who are almost the exact same ages as my daughters. We used to be next door neighbors… They look so much like you and me. A normal, happy, healthy, loving family… There is no difference between this family […]

Llama On The Shelf- Part Two


Continued from Part One… On the fourteenth night of Christmas, Kronk was feeling a little forlorn that his friends up north we’re getting snow days, and he is stuck down south at a warm breezy beach! So he made a little snow to make it look more wintery and is declaring it a SNOW DAAAYYY!! […]

Llama On The Shelf- Part One


Once upon a time, there was a llama named Kronk who loved Christmas and looked forward to it each year. He would sit on a shelf and watch all the wrapping, decorating, frenzy, joy, warmth, and merriment. He loved to hear the laughter and watch the happiness. Year after year he would smile and wish […]

Advocating For Joy (In The Midst Of Grief)


Every morning I wake up with a lingering sadness. Every morning I wonder how many more days I’ll feel like there is a gaping hole in my chest? How many more days will tears randomly fall down my face when least expected? How many more days until I no longer feel this acute sense of […]

Use Me, Lord?


I’m about to make a confession that I would very much prefer to keep to myself. I kinda like the glowing angelic image of myself that people often have of me, regardless of the nagging inconvenient truth that it’s a wildly inaccurate image. So why am I willingly taking a sledge hammer to the angelic […]