About Katie

meMy name is Katie. Not Katherine or Katelyn or Katerina… Just simply Katie. It’s a simple name that suits my quiet laid-back demeanor and my child-like faith. I like it (Good job, Parental Units! Gold Star!). I am easily excited by all things Disney and Christmas. I have an obsession with coffee, and llamas (don’t judge). I’m not too complicated. Bring up one of these 4 topics, and I will instantly become gleeful and forget all about my problems and issues. It is my dream to go to Disney World at Christmas with coffee in hand and watch the Christmas parade with my little stuffed llama sticking out of my purse. Is this too much to ask?? I think not. Somebody please drop the hint to my husband.

I am excessively passionate, expressive, and overly emotional. When channeled properly, these becomes my strongest assets. When NOT channeled properly I am a hot mess, and you should all pity my dear hubby who has to cope with this egregious character flaw.

I gave my life to Jesus at the ripe old age of 4, and He has been saving me, refining me, and growing me up every day for the past 30 years. Boy, have I stumbled and face planted in BIG ways. I apparently don’t do anything on a small insignificant scale. I am so thankful for grace. God continues to forgive me, dust me off, and always, always, always reaches down into my self-dug pits and urges me to, “GET UP, BAMBI!” (Yes, He speaks my love language- Disney references. He apparently knows what makes me tick).

Christmas1These are my girls. They are hilarious and crack me up even on my worst days. My oldest is an American Girl Doll fanatic and feels that she will surely perish if she does not get a Molly doll. My youngest is quite happy being the baby of the family and can manipulate you into doing anything for her with just one cute, adorable, giant-eyed puppy dog look. Avert your eyes! Avert! Don’t look directly at her! Your powers are useless against her.

This is my man and me. I love him like crazy. He is funny, loyal, sensitive, courageous, and always lifts me up when I am in the depths. He completes me. Except for when he forgets to take out the trash. Then he doesn’t complete me at all. :-) KIDDING!! (Seriously, People. Take a joke). Christmas2

beanieThis is my cat, Beanie. His high levels of melodrama fit in perfectly with the rest of us…
A Cat Haiku for Beanie:
Small brave carnivores
Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
Fear vacuum cleaner

christmasday15This is my cat, George. He is nothing short of neurotic…
A Cat Haiku for George:
The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy, follow, comment, laugh, cry, snort, tisk, whatever… I’m so glad you’re here :-)